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July 31, 2020

Cook County Forest Preserves’ Conservation and Policy Council Proposes Cook County Contribute to District Pensions

In a proposal to stabilize underfunded pensions for Forest Preserve District of Cook County employees and retirees, the Forest Preserves’ Conservation and Policy Council

July 9, 2020

City Colleges Releases FY2021 Capital Budget

City Colleges of Chicago released its tentative FY2021 operating and capital budgets on June 23, 2020. The total…

May 11, 2020

How Are State Legislative Bodies Meeting During COVID-19?

State legislatures across the country are working out how to conduct the people’s business while also maintaining proper social distancing guidelines. According to the…

April 24, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Will Have Serious Impact on Finances of Chicago’s Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority and the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a severe blow to Chicago’s hospitality industry. Conventions have been cancelled, dine-in restaurants have closed, airport traffic has plunged and sporting events have been cancelled. As of early April,…

April 15, 2020

How Will CARES Act Funding Be Divided Among Illinois and its Local Governments?

The $2.2 trillion economic relief legislation passed by Congress in late March contains significant new funding for States and large local governments. Exactly how…

April 10, 2020

How City Councils in Major Cities are Governing During COVID-19

The spread of the COVID-19 virus and the measures put in place to reduce the transmission…

April 3, 2020

What Limitations do States Face in Addressing a Coronavirus Pandemic Recession?

States are currently facing monumental fiscal challenges posed by the economic and revenue impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. However, their ability to use fiscal policies to address these challenges is quite limited due to structural…

March 27, 2020

Individual Income Tax Structures in Selected States

This blog post presents information about the different types of individual income taxes imposed by state governments in the United States. In 2020 forty-one states levied individual income taxes. States currently use flat rate or…

November 21, 2019

With No Property Tax Referendum, What Can the Cook County Forest Preserve District Do to Address Financial Needs?

Now that the Cook County Forest Preserve District’s $124.7 million budget has been approved without the help of a

November 15, 2019

Chicago Transit Authority Reduces Assumptions for State Reduced Fare Subsidy

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has historically received a reduced fare reimbursement, or subsidy, from the State of Illinois for providing free and discounted rides to eligible riders including seniors, people with disabilities,…