Cook County

May 3, 2017

The Final 2016 Cook County Equalization Factor is 2.8032

The Illinois Department of Revenue announced in April 2017 that the final equalization factor for the Cook County 2016 property assessment year…

April 11, 2017

Transform Illinois Coalition Pushes Ahead on Government Consolidation

While Illinois lawmakers remain gridlocked over a State budget plan, another area shows promise of compromise in Springfield: government consolidation. With over 6,900 local government units, Illinois has…

February 17, 2017

Chicago’s Tax on Other Tobacco Products Struck Down by Cook County Circuit Court

The Cook County Circuit Court recently ruled that the City of Chicago cannot tax other tobacco products according to Illinois state law. The City’s home rule tax on these products was expected to bring in $6.0 million in revenue. Other…

February 2, 2017

Cook County Streamlines Board Meeting Procedures

The Cook County Board of Commissioners has reorganized its board meeting proceedings in an effort to streamline board meetings. Beginning in January 2017, the Consent Calendar portion of the meeting is now held on the second Tuesday of…

January 18, 2017

Calculate Your Community’s Effective Property Tax Rate

Each year the Civic Federation releases an Estimated Effective Property Tax Rates report for 28 selected…

December 28, 2016

Estimated Effective Property Tax Rates 2005-2014: Selected Municipalities in Northeastern Illinois

Click here to read the full report

December 21, 2016

2016 Year in Review on the Civic Federation Blog

The following are the five most read posts presented by the Civic Federation blog in 2016. These posts examine issues ranging from local government consolidation to pension funding reform.  …

November 23, 2016

Fire Protection in Unincorporated Areas of Cook County

The Civic Federation recently released its second report that examines the unincorporated areas in Cook County. In the report,…

November 9, 2016

Cook County Electorate Approves Ballot Measure to Merge Recorder of Deeds and County Clerk

On November 8, 2016, the Cook County electorate voted on the binding referendum to merge the Office of the Cook County Recorder of Deeds and the Office of the Cook County Clerk. The Cook County Board of Commissioners voted in June 2016 to…

October 28, 2016

Cook County FY2017 Executive Budget Recommendation: Analysis and Recommendations

The Civic Federation supports Cook County’s proposed FY2017 budget of $4.4 billion because it is reasonable, including expenditure reductions and revenue measures that will balance the County’s budgets through FY2019. The FY2017 budget…