Cook County Modernization Report

October 25, 2010

The purpose of the Cook County Modernization Report is to provide leaders of the County with ideas for reshaping and refining County government that will improve service delivery to residents while reducing wasteful spending and decreasing reliance on taxpayer funds. The Modernization Project provides a roadmap for creating a government that is more efficient, less costly and more accountable.

The report contains actionable recommendations that can be implemented in the first 100 days after the new President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners takes office in December 2010, as well as others that will require a sustained, multi-year effort. Rolling back the remaining portion of Cook County’s sales tax rate increase of 2008 and eliminating the projected FY2011 budget deficit are the top short-term priorities of the report.

The Civic Federation’s recommendations also include a timeline for action and identify the responsible county officials to lead and implement these changes.

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